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Concierge infusion therapy based upon the science of medicine

Concierge infusion therapy based upon the science of medicine

Combining the science of medicine with modern delivery to provide safe and affordable on-demand infusion therapy directly to you


The primary goal of IV wellness is to supply your body with vitamins and nutrients that augment your immune system and ultimately optimize functionality. Our wellness therapies target those who seek optimal balance between every day demands and much needed relaxation. We provide customized IV vitamin therapies that support overall health, beauty, and wellness.


Nuuvo Recovery was created for individuals who work and play hard. Our recovery treatments are for those who have just finished an intense work out, are suffering from the flu, or have woken up from a late night out. Nuuvo has IV therapies that target GI upset, electrolyte and vitamin replacement. Ultimately, hydration is key!

Mission Statement | The mission of Nuuvo Health is to provide safe, accessible, and cost-effective, quality care directly to your home, office or hotel. Nuuvo Health is pioneering the implementation and accessibility of vitamin and intravenous hydration therapy. Our staff is a skilled group of experienced Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Paramedics.